Thursday, December 12, 2013

New Non Profit Idea

What would it look like to have a non-profit that pays a parent to stay home and take care of their kids? So often the choice to stay home and raise your kids is not an option because it's not a monetarily paying job, so many parents that would like to make that choice can't and some parents that make the choice struggle financially. Not all parents want to stay home with their kids, and child care is an excellent option for these families, but for the parents that want to stay home, it's a harder choice, because of the money.

If we took the money out of it, might it actually become a real choice for some people? Would paying parents give the job more credibility? Would it stop people from thinking that staying at home, though nice, is not a "real" job?

Now here's where it gets murky, in this same idea I think that if you're going to pay someone to do the job, then you have to have job expectations and evaluations. To get paid by the non-profit you have to agree to certain terms of the job like volunteering at the children's schools and in the community, beyond just the work of the house and children. The job would require doing the job, not getting paid to sit in the house and just be there with the kids. So that's the murky part, how do you decide the requirements of the job? I have a pretty clear picture of what it means to do the job, but there are a lot of ways to do this job, so the description and requirements would have to be broad but somehow specific.

Paying a parent to stay home and take care of the kids and requiring community involvement would be a huge plus for everyone. Just a thought...

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